What are we trying to achieve with our Computing curriculum?

At Wistaston Church Lane Academy, we understand the immense value technology plays, not only in supporting the computing curriculum, but in day-to-day life at our school. We aim to fulfil the requirements of the National Curriculum, whilst also preparing children for their future careers, familiarising children with a range of technology and teaching them how to stay safe online. We believe all children should gain practical experiences in computing through collaborative learning opportunities and access to rich content. Our school offers a broad and balanced curriculum with strong cross-curricular links.                                    


How do we deliver our Computing curriculum?

At Wistaston Church Lane Academy, we implement different approaches when delivering the computing curriculum across the Key Stages. 

In EYFS, we provide pupils with a broad, play-based experience of Computing in a range of contexts. Pupils learn through ‘Understanding the World’, which is facilitated through indoor and outdoor exploration, where ICT scenarios are based on real world experiences. In addition to this, pupils use ‘Mini Mash’ on the interactive board and iPads. 

KS1 and KS2 follow the Purple Mash scheme of work ensuring consistency and progression throughout the school. The scheme of work supports our teachers in delivering engaging, challenging and fun lessons, which allow all pupils to achieve to their full potential. Units are practical and engaging and allow computing lessons to be hands on. The units cover the three strands that make up the computing curriculum; Computer Science, Information Technology and Digital Literacy. 

Additionally, computing lessons are incorporated in other subjects and delivered using a range of devices and software to keep the children engaged. Pupils may use computers or iPads independently, they can work with their peers for support or work in small groups with a teacher. They also have the opportunity to log in and save work using their individual purple mash log in details and access their work outside of the classroom. 


What difference is our curriculum making to our pupils?

Through the implementation of our curriculum, pupils are developing fundamental skills and knowledge in computing. This helps our pupils progress throughout their years at Wistaston Church Lane Academy and prepares them for life outside of school. 

Internet Safety

Online safety has a high profile at Wistaston Church Lane Academy. We ensure this is maintained and pupils’ needs are met. We aim to equip pupils with the skills, strategies and knowledge that will help them gain the benefits of the online world, whilst being able to minimise risk to themselves or others.  Alongside the Purple Mash online safety units, we also celebrate the National Safer Internet Day through assemblies and follow use Google Internet Legends to empower our children to use the web safely and wisely, so they can be confident explorers of the online world. To make the most of the internet, children need to make smart decisions.

Upcoming Safer Internet Day - Tuesday 6th February 2024

Children can use their login information here: - A guide for parents on protecting the privacy of children online. 

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