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Welcome to Year 2 

Key information:

Y2H Class Teacher: Miss Hillard.

Y2H Teaching Assistant: Miss Valente

Y2B Class Teacher: Miss Baugh

Y2B Teaching Assistant: Miss Amson

PPA cover/support staff: Mr Raisewell (PE) and Miss Friesner will be working across Year 2 for PPA cover (Thursday PM) and (Friday PM for Miss Hillard and Monday PM for Miss Baugh).

Pick up and drop off: All Year 2 children will enter school through the infant playground door at 8.40am (this is the door they normally enter through). The school day begins at 8.45. Children should be collected at 3.15pm from the infant playground. The gates will open at approx. 3.10.

PE Days: Y2H will have PE on Thursday and Friday and Miss Baugh’s class will be a Thursday and Friday also. Children should come to school in their PE kit suitable for outdoor weather.

Curriculum overview for the Summer term:

English – Writing

This half-term we will be looking at the book ‘Major Glad and Major Dizzy’. We will be using various genres of writing to explore new vocabulary and learn new writing skills, highlighted below:

Our final piece of writing this term is to write a letter in role persuading characters to save the trees.

English – Reading

The book we will be studying in our guided reading session this term is ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’.
During our reading lessons we will be looking at a variety of texts including fiction and non-fiction books. We will look at how to create inferences based on what we have read, alongside discussing our favourite words and phrases. We will continue to work on asking and answering questions, understanding what we have read, predicting what may happen next. We are also looking at how to review books we have read and if they are similar to any other books we have read.


The Maths units we will cover before SATS are fractions, time, statistics and position and direction:
Fractions - We will be able to recognise, write and find groups of halves, thirds, quarters and two quarters.
Time - We will be able to tell the time to the hour, half hour, quarter to and past and in five minute intervals. 

Statistics - We will be able to use and create tally charts, tables and pictograms. 

Position and direction - We will be looking at movements and turns, such as left or right turns, incorporating fractions, such as ‘one quarter turn right’. 

Times tables focus - 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s.

Topic – ‘significant people’.

The focus of our topic this term is History with some Geography. We will be looking at the lives and impact of Nelson Mandela and Rosa Parks. We will consider why they are significant and what lasting changes they had on the world today.

Science – ‘plants’:

This half term our topic in science is ‘Plants’. We will be focusing on understanding plants, how they grow and what they need to stay alive. This will be a hands on topic with lots of investigations.

Design and technology –‘baby bears chair’:

This term our D&T project is to create chair. We will need to investigate the shape of card and what shapes are strongest for our chair. We will consider the shape, size and how we are going to attach them together.


Mrs. Friesner will be teaching us music, using a variety or percussion instruments and different songs.


In PSHE we will be looking at dreams and goals. In this unit we will cover: challenges, perseverance, goal setting, overcoming obstacles, seeking help, jobs and achieving goals.


Our computing unit is around questioning, effective searching and creating pictures.

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