Welcome to Year 1.

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Year 1 Teachers:

Mrs Sutton Y1S and Miss Jones and  Miss Hulme Y1JH 

Year 1 Support Staff: 

Miss Gray (all day), Mr Farrall (all day) and Miss Valente (interventions 2 afternoons)

PPA Cover:

Miss Friesener and Sports Coaching NW

PE will be one session on Wednesday (Sports Coaching NW) for all Year 1.

The other session will be on Thursday for Y1S and Friday for Y1JH.

Summer 2

In English we will be reading a story about a bear (title to be revealed). We are continuing to use adjectives in our writing and lengthening our sentences by using 'and'. We will also use comparative language by adding 'er' or 'est to words. The children will continue to use the prefix 'un' changes the meaning of words. By now we should be consistently using capital letters and full stops correctly. We should be sitting our letters on the line with clear finger spaces to separate words. We will recap plural and when to use 's' or 'es'. 

In Maths we will finish our learning on fractions, finding one half and one quarter of shapes and quantities. We will be learning about positional direction. We will learn different turns (half turn, quarter turn, full turn), clockwise, anticlockwise, left, right, forwards, backwards, above and below. We will also learn our ordinal numbers. We will then move onto learning numbers to 100. Finally we will look at Money and the Time, learning the different coins and o'clock and half past.

In handwriting we will be continuing to learn joins. 

In Art we are looking at printing using different medium e.g hands, feet, fingers, toys.

In Science we will learning about plants.

In Geography we are learning aboutmapping skills using a key and compass directions.

Our PSHE topic this half term is: Changing Me.

In RE we have posed the question: Why should we care for others?

Year 1 words to read and spell:


Summer term events:

Phonics screener WB 10th June, Sports Day 20th June, Whole school transition day 26th June, 150 year picnic 19th July.

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